Play a pro-active and essential role in providing guidance to public opinion in matters related to aviation liability law, compensation claims and seeking legal intervention in the court of law.
Establish a discussion platform on issues of a political, juridical, economic, technical and operational nature.
International Foundation for Aviation, Aerospace and Development (India Chapter)

The International Foundation for Aviation and Development (IFFAAD),   a non-government organization, is incorporated under relevant laws of India and Canada.  IFFAAD is located in New Delhi and in Montreal. The idea of IFFAAD was born in view of the exponential growth of the aviation sector globally and its immense symbiotic impact on development.  As such it was felt that it was the right time to establish an independent ‘think tank’ which could provide fresh and new approaches on how to deal with the critical issues related to growth of aviation worldwide; on how to ensure the safety and security of the aviation industry; on solutions that could mitigate adverse impact of aviation on the environment; and on how to achieve overall, inclusive and sustainable development consequent to the rapid growth of international civil aviation. In addition to offering new perspectives on   critical issues, IFFAAD will also provide consultancy services on a wide spectrum of cross sector issues arising out of aviation and development attended thereto.

IFFAAD, Montreal and Delhi bring synergy to its efforts because each can draw upon its international team of experts to address issues.  Needless to say that Montreal has its own unique place in the world of aviation. Montreal is the world capital for international civil aviation.  The city hosts the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a specialized agency of the UN and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an association of airlines which fly international routes globally. Consequently, IFFAAD, Montreal proposes to play a complimentary role of assisting the ICAO and IATA on critical aviation related issues.

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