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Establish a discussion platform on issues of a political, juridical, economic, technical and operational nature.

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Topic Newspaper  
Need for space governance for India and global space governance March 2017 Sanat Kaul
National Aviation Infrastructure get much needed flip 07.02.2016 Sanat Kaul
Draft Civil Aviation Policy 2015 - Are we making Airports safer?  23.12.2015 Sanat Kaul
In Policy's Implementation Lies the Rub 11.11.15 Sanat Kaul
Allow domestic carriers to fly abroad Deccan Herald 20.05.2015 Sanat Kaul
Scrap 5/20 Rule, reduce taxation to make airlines turnaround Deccan Herald 26.01.2015 Sanat Kaul

Draft Civil Aviation Policy Lacks Serious Intent and Direction  

City Scan Sanat Kaul
Flawed and disappointing Deccan Herald Sanat Kaul
Good regional aviation infra, the need of the hour Deccan Heralad  Sanat Kaul

 Flying Forward?

Selling World Travel Magazine, March Issue

 Sanat Kaul

 Adding Wings to Regional Dreams

India Debates Magazine, March Issue 

 Sanat Kaul 

Aviation Sector should get its pride of place

 Indian Express - 01.03.2013

 Sanat Kaul

Rescuing Air Travel from the clutches of the Maharaja

 Deccan Herald - 08.01.2013

 Sanat Kaul

UPA's decision not to privatize Air India is not clear

 India Today - 15.06.2012

 Sanat Kaul

 A Nosediving Sector 

The Financial Express 08.05.2012 

 Sanat Kaul

 Cloudy is the outlook

The Financial Express 12.04.2012

 Sanat Kaul

Is bureaucratic muddle killing the Delhi International Airport?

Deccan Herald 21.03.2012

 Sanat Kaul

 An out line on deregulation of airline tickets price repeal of Air Corporation Act in 1994

 Soumya Kanti Sinha

 KFA Application on ATF - Direct Import

Soumya Kanti Sinha

 Strap your belts

Indian Express 24.02.2012

 Sanat Kaul

 Indian Aviation: Still flying dangerously

Deccan Herald 16.01.2012

 Sanat Kaul

Waste Bedevils our Skies

The Financial Express 21.12.2011 

 Sanat Kaul

Note on Air Carrier Liability Law in India for Ministry of Civil Aviation

Anniversary of a hijacking

The Financial Express 31.12.2010 

Sanat Kaul 

Flying at the right price  

The Financial Express 21.12.2010

Sanat Kaul 

 Free Market Vs Price Control

 Deccan Herald 06.12.2010    

Sanat Kaul 

How Indian Airlines Took Off  

 The Financial Express 09.09.2010 

Sanat Kaul 

Change in the Air

The Financial Express 23.08.2010

Sanat Kaul

Column: Managing Disasters Better   

The Financial Express 08.07.2010

Sanat Kaul

Need for establishment of the Asia Pacific Civil Aviation Commission Vivek Pattanayak
Airport Noise
Most property development has taken place with full understanding of this factor
The Financial Express
Sanat Kaul
Debate: What beleaguers air safety in India? Economic Times
Sanat Kaul
Nobody in the Control Tower, For some time, India hasn't filled aviation safety posts The Indian Express
Sanat Kaul
What's in the air The Financial Express 21.05.2010  Sanat Kaul

 Not so safe flights

The Financial Express 19.01.2010

 Sanat Kaul

 Are Indian airports safe from  threat?

Mail Today 01.01.2010

 Sanat Kaul

 This is no way to manage AI

The Financial Express 01.10.2009

 Sanat Kaul

At sea over where to build Mumbai's second airport?

The Financial Express 16.10.2009

 Sanat Kaul

 Pilot strike, bird strike

The Financial Express 18.09.2009

 Sanat Kaul

 How Maharaja lost his sense of boeing

The Financial Express 11.07.2009 

 Sabat Kaul

Way out of aviation crisis: lower taxes, cheaper tickets

The Financial Express 04.08.2009

 Sanat Kaul

 The wrong flight plan

The Financial Express 17.06.2009

 Sanat Kaul

 Airports offer good business opportunity

Vivek Pattanayak

Flawed and disappointing Deccan Herald Sanat Kaul